Field/Park/Facility Conditions


Park amenities reopening will follow the guidelines issued by the County of San Joaquin.

Park Matrix
COVID-19 Updates - Click Here

All Youth and Adult sports are canceled until further notice, more information will be released as it becomes available.  

Gentle reminder - Guidelines for outdoor recreation activities still include social distancing. This means no congregating in groups. In addition, existing park rules must still be observed, including no swimming at Lodi Lake except for the beach area, which is CLOSED for the 2020 season. Please note, swimming in the Mokelumne River is strictly prohibited. City of Lodi Park Officers and LPD will be monitoring the park and lake daily, and Violators will be cited. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your Lodi Parks while continuing to adhere to existing park rules and observing County Health Department social distancing guidelines.

Inclement Weather/Park Maintenance Policy

If maintenance or unexpected inclement weather occurs, please refer to the chart below or you may contact the Field/Park/Facility Condition Hotline at 209-333-6744 weekdays after 2:00 p.m. and weekends after 7:00 a.m. Updates are made daily. If a field/park/facility has a CLOSED status, then it is not available for use. If it has an OPEN status, it is available for use during regular operating hours. During inclement weather, if it begins to rain during field use, the field will be CLOSED and use will be canceled.  

*Restroom Availability

Park restrooms are available year-round, however, during off-peak season (Dec.-Feb.) the restrooms will be available on a modified schedule.
Peak Season (Mar. - Nov) - Sports programs begin; restrooms available from dawn to dusk (or until daily sports programs end), except when closed for maintenance.
Off-Peak Season (Dec. - Feb) - see notes below for closures.

**Basin Park/Fields
Stormwater basins are an integral part of the stormwater management system throughout the city and are managed by the Public Works department.  In Lodi, when our fenced basins are not being used for stormwater retention during the rainy season (primary use), they are used as part of our park system (secondary use). The Public Works department determines when storm drains and gates are in use.  When they are in use, the basins are not open for park usage for safety reasons. This page is updated daily to keep the public informed as to whether or not a basin park is open for public use. 

Updated: 10/26/2020 9:05 a.m.

Beckman Sports Field** 1426 W. Century Blvd.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Beckman Dog Park1426 W. Century Blvd.

OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Blakely Sports Field1050 S. Stockton St.OPEN

Chapman Field 334 N. Washington St.OPEN

DeBenedetti Sports Field**2350 S. Lower Sacramento Rd.OPEN
Restrooms open dawn to dusk.
Emerson Park11 N. Hutchins St. OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Enze Pool at Blakely Park1050 S. Stockton St.CLOSED
Closed for the season.
Grape Bowl Sports Field221 Lawrence St.OPEN
Private Rental Use Only
Hale Park209 E. Locust St.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk. 
Henry Glaves Park2206 Oxford WayOPENxRestrooms closed until further notice.
Henry Glaves Sports Field**2206 Oxford WayOPENxRestrooms closed until further notice.
Hutchins Street Square125 S. Hutchins St.CLOSED

Hutchins Street Square Pool125 S. Hutchins St.CLOSED

Katzakian Park2735 W. Turner Rd.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Kofu Sports Field**1145 S. Ham LaneCLOSEDxRestrooms closed until further notice.
Kofu Skate Park1145 S. Ham LaneOPEN
Open 2 p.m. to sunset.
Lawrence Park350 N. Washington St.OPENxRestroom closed due to maintenance.
Legion Park835 S. Hutchins St.OPENx
Lodi Lake Park1101 W. Turner Rd.CLOSEDxClosed due to high wind advisory.
Lodi Lake Boat Ramp1101 W. Turner Rd.OPEN

Lodi Lake Nature Area 1101 W. Turner Rd.OPEN
Gate open from dawn-dusk.
Lodi Lake Beach1101 W. Turner Rd.CLOSED
Closed for the season.
Lodi Lake West Trail Entrance GateLocated on Lower Sacramento Rd.OPEN
Gate open dawn to dusk.
Peterson Park199 Evergreen Dr.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk. 
Peterson Sports Field**199 Evergreen Dr.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Salas Park2001 S. Stockton St.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Salas Sports Field**2001 S. Stockton St.OPENxRestrooms open dawn to dusk.
Softball Complex401 N. Stockton St.OPEN

Villa Fiore Park2750 Century Blvd.OPEN
Restrooms open dawn to dusk.
Vinewood Sports Field**1824 W. Tokay St.OPEN
Vinewood Dog Park1824 W. Tokay St.OPEN

Zupo Field350 N. Washington St.CLOSED
Closed for construction.

**Basin Park/Fields