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Safety Tips & Recommendations

  • Practice stop, drop, and roll. This is if your child’s clothes catch on fire. Once the flames are out, cool the burned skin with water for 10 to 15 minutes and get medical attention.
  • Tell your children matches and lighters are tools for "grown-ups." These tools help adults use fire properly.
  • If a fire starts in your home or you hear the smoke alarm, yell "Fire!" several times and go outside right away.
  • If your escape route is filled with smoke, use your second way out.
  • Practice crawling low. If you must escape through smoke, crawl low, under the smoke, to escape. Fires produce many poisonous gases; some sink low to the floor; others rise towards the ceiling. Close doors behind you.
  • If you are escaping through a closed door, feel the door, cracks, and doorknob with the back of your hand before opening the door. If it is cool and there is no smoke at the bottom or top, open the door slowly. If you see smoke or fire beyond the door, close it and use your second way out.
  • If smoke, heat, or flames block your exit routes and you cannot get outside safely, stay in the room with the door closed. Open the window for ventilation, and hang a sheet outside the window so firefighters can find you. If there is a phone in the room, dial 911 and tell the dispatcher where you are. Seal around doors and vents with towels or sheets to keep smoke from entering the room.
  • Get out as safely and quickly as you can.
  • Once you are outside, go to your meeting place.
  • Once you are out, stay out. Children are often concerned about the safety of their pets, so discuss this issue before a fire starts. In many cases, pets are able to get out on their own.
  • Firefighters are our friends and they will help in case of a fire.

Station Tours:

Lodi Fire Department offers station tours for teachers and their classes! Station tours are conducted on Friday mornings or afternoons and run about a half hour long.

Station Tour Request Form

Sparky the Fire Dog

​Sparky the Fire Dog is an interactive website designed to educate children aged three and up on fire safety. Kids can play while they learn about fire trucks, smoke alarms, play online activities, and more. There's even information and activities for parents! Visit Sparky's site.