City Jail

Hallway at Lodi City JailThe Lodi City Jail is a Type 1 facility, which is defined as “a local detention facility used for the detention of persons for not more than 96 hours, excluding holidays, after booking,” by the California Department of Corrections Title 15. The purpose of the Lodi City Jail is to house inmates prior to appearing in court for sentencing. 

Staffing & Processes

Along with their duties of answering incoming calls-for-service, Lodi Police Dispatchers also serve as Jailers within the Lodi City Jail. Lodi Police Dispatcher/Jailers are assigned to book and process incoming inmates.

This process includes:

  • Completing a property record for any property the inmate has in his/her possession at the time of booking
  • Completing a medical screening questionnaire to ensure the health and safety of the inmate and others
  • Fingerprinting the inmate for booking purposes
  • Housing and feeding inmates

Capacity & Facilities

The Lodi City Jail has the capacity to house 20 inmates prior to court appearances, with separate holding cells for males and females. In addition to the 20 beds available within the Lodi City Jail, there are also two sobering cells, which is used to house those inmates who are sufficiently intoxicated from any substance and require a protected environment to prevent injury.