Lost & Found Pets- What to Do

  1. Lost a Pet
  2. Found a Pet

Losing a member of your pet family is a very stressful and upsetting event. Try to stay focused and organized about what steps you need to take to recover your lost animal.

First Steps

  • If your pet is wearing identification with your phone number, make sure your answering machine is on and working should someone call.
  • Contact the Lodi Animal Shelter 209-333-6741 as soon as possible. Our Animal Service Officers pick-up lost pets every day, and they may have already picked up yours. If we do not have your pet, file a lost dog/lost cat report with the Animal Shelter.
  • If your animal is microchipped, contact the company and report the animal lost.
  • Check Daily the Shelter’s VIEW INTAKE ANIMALS (LINK ON THE LEFT)

Search & Advertise

  • Post & Check Online Resources such as: Next door, Face Book- sites: Lost and Found Pets 209 & Lodi Lost and Found.
  • Make an on-line report at Lost My Doggie.com or Lost My Kitty.com
  • Search the neighborhood surrounding your home as your pet may not have traveled very far. Ask neighbors if they have seen an animal matching your pet’s description.
  • Check the "Found Pet" columns in the local newspapers daily.
  • Make "Lost Pet" signs and post them on bulletin boards or on private property in the area. Be sure you get permission from the property owner prior to posting. Signs cannot be posted on public property including street signs, light pole or telephone poles.
  • Advertise in local newspapers.