Breakthrough Project

Mission Statement

The mission of The Breakthrough Project is to create a community that is free of bigotry, racism, prejudice, and intolerance by celebrating our diversity through communication, education, and responding to acts of intolerance.

  • Breaking through walls of hate and prejudice
  • Providing assistance to victims of hate crimes
  • Promoting community education and activities to celebrate oneness


  • Provide immediate aid and support to victims of hate crimes
  • Coordinate our efforts with law enforcement agencies and city government
  • Break-through prejudicial barriers by providing educational programs and events highlighting the importance of cultural awareness and understanding
  • Develop and maintain links to organizations working to eliminate racism and bigotry
  • Work with media to publicize activities and to seek broad-based community support


The Breakthrough Project was formed a week after the January 30, 1998 cross-burning incident on the lawn of Tokay High School.

Local newspapers printed our manifesto: On February 5, 1998, community leaders met as concerned parents and citizens of Lodi to discuss the moral implications of the recent cross burning at Tokay High School. We are men and women from a diversity of colors, faiths, and beliefs. Our message is simple: malignant seeds of intolerance will find only barren soil in a united Lodi. “Livable, Lovable, Lodi?” Unless Lodi is livable and lovable for all, it is not livable or lovable for any. Please stand with us and say no to prejudice and racism wherever and whenever you encounter it.