Youth Swim Lessons

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Available summer session only. This class is designed for parents to help their infants and toddlers develop a high comfort level in and around the water. Parents will learn various techniques on how to adjust their child to the water. This class is not designed to teach the participants how to swim.

Swim Skills (year round)

The Swim Skills program consists of four levels and is designed for youth ages 4+.


Hutchins Street Square: Swim Lesson Schedule (every Tuesday and Thursday, eight 25-minute classes per session)

Spring Sessions: April 2-25, May 7-30

Enze Pool:  Swim Lesson Schedule (Monday-Thursday, 2 weeks, eight 25-minute classes per session)

Summer Sessions:  June 3-13, June 17-27, July 1-12 (no class July 4), July 15-25

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Level 1: Minnow
Must be 36” to the chin and willing to get in the water or pass an evaluation by a City of Lodi Swim Instructor. This class helps students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Students learn to submerge face independently and are introduced to floating and locomotion in a fun and safe setting.

Level 2: Seahorse
Successfully pass level 1 (Minnow), or is able to fully submerge independently. Students learn to kick on front and back, front and back float, primary skills, and demonstration or alternating arms. This Class builds success with fundamental skills.

Level 3: Jellyfish
Successfully pass level 2 (Seahorse), or able to swim and float independently on front and back. Students will explore deep water, front crawl 15 yards, level off, introduction to breathing combined with a 5-yard stroke. This class builds on the skills in level 2 by providing additional guided practice.

Level 4: Otter
Successfully passing level 3 (Jellyfish) or able to swim independently on front and back. Students will retrieve objects, swim 20 yards, coordinate the components of the front and back strike and tread water. This class develops confidence in the strokes learned and existing aquatic skills.

Level 5: Dolphin (offered during summer sessions only)
This class provides further coordination and refinement of strokes. Students will demonstrate the survival float, deep water bobbing, refined breathing, standing dive, build endurance by swimming elementary backstroke, front and back crawl, and basic breaststroke.

Level 6: Shark (offered during summer sessions only)
This class refines the strokes so students swim with ease. Students will demonstrate breathing, diving skills, and will perform various strokes for increased distances.

Private lessons: Class is designed for the swimmer's skill level.  If you are interested in private lessons, summer session, please call Tyler Ashbaugh at (209) 333-6800 ext. 2421 or email

Helpful Hints: 

  • Make sure you have selected the appropriate level. Transfers to another level after registration will incur a $10 transfer fee.
  • If it has been more than 6 months since their last session, we recommend the child repeat the last level they completed.
  • Most children remain at the same level for two or more sessions.
  • If unsure which level your child is in, please refer to the lesson levels description and pick the level you are sure they can complete the skills in.
  • Your child will not be moved to a different level or class if registered incorrectly. You will have to pay the transfer fee and space is not guaranteed in the next level.
  • Make sure that your child has a swimsuit and towel at each lesson.
  • Swim caps and goggles are optional.