Appliance Rebate

Qualifying Products

By purchasing one (or all) of the following home products or appliances, you will receive a rebate as noted on the application. Rebates will not exceed 50% of the cost.

  • Energy-Star qualified Ceiling Fan
  • Energy-Star qualified dishwasher (Electric Water Heat)
  • Energy-Star qualified Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Energy-Star qualified refrigerator
  • Energy-Star qualified Screw-in LED Lamp (6-22W)
  • Front-load or Energy-Star qualified clothes washer (Electric Water Heat)
  • Smart Power Strip
  • Storage Water Heater 0.93 EF or Greater

Where to Buy

You must purchase the products and/or appliances from one of the following Lodi retailers:

  • Ben's Appliance
  • Costco in Lodi
  • Home Depot in Lodi
  • Les' Appliance
  • Lowe's in Lodi
  • Reo's Appliance


You must submit a signed application with a copy of your paid receipt. This rebate will post as a credit on your City of Lodi Electric Bill. For more information please call 855-516-2105.